AMEDD Renovations: One Team!

Since the AMEDD Museum's closure earlier this year, staff and volunteers have been hard at work preparing the building for our new gallery exhibits. The last four months have involved moving all of our old exhibits and artifacts to secure storage, tearing down all of our temporary wall structures and dioramas, adding a fresh coat of paint to the gallery rooms and front hallway, and removing the carpet from the galleries. Thanks in large part to volunteer groups from the Medical Center of Excellence staff, Warrant Office Basic Course students, and AMEDD Enlisted Soldiers in training, we have been able to seamlessly execute each phase of this breakdown process.

Beginning on 01 July, the AMEDD Museum will officially begin the next phase of our renovation project: bringing in contract teams. One contract team will be replacing our gallery floors with a polished and sealed concrete finish, as well as restoring our marble floors in the front hallway to their original shine. A second contract team will be working to preserve our historic train car ambulance. Over time the train car has begun to deteriorate, and this group of contractors is going to repair damages, implement preventive measures to help slow future deterioration, and apply a fresh coat of paint to return the train to its historically accurate, original design. Finally, a third contract team is taking on the monumental task of helping us with exhibit design and fabrication. The new AMEDD Museum galleries will feature semi-permanent wall structures that will provide a safer and more versatile environment for the exhibits, 3 new immersive dioramas that will help bring the AMEDD’s rich history to life, and much, much more!

Be sure to follow us on social media and here on our website for more updates. We are excited to have this opportunity to make the AMEDD Museum one of the premier Army Museum Enterprise destinations, and we hope you will join us when we reopen!